Your Live Escape Game in Dusseldorf

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Your Live Escape Game in Dusseldorf

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How do I choose an escape room?
Quests come in different genres, let's try to explain on which of the quests what to expect:
Adventures – also such quests are called family, as a rule, there is a calm atmosphere, logical puzzles. In such a quest, you can go to a different age group and everyone will be interested.
Your Live Escape Game in Dusseldorf
Detectives – you need to feel like "Sherlock Holmes", who needs to find various clues, solve the mysteries and riddles of the rooms, as well as find out what happened in these rooms. The end of such a story will be the solution of the mystery, which will be formed from the fragments found during the quest.
Mysticism – there will be a tense atmosphere: frightening music, gloomy lighting, possibly flashing lights. You need to solve all the puzzles and find a way out. There may be an actor who will either accompany you all the time during the game, sometimes frightening or confusing, or appear only in some moments.
Horror is a more scary mystery, the game always has an actor or actors who create a sense of constant presence of someone nearby, and they can suddenly appear next to you at any time. Sometimes, for the further development of the plot, you will need to interact with the actor, take something, go back somewhere. It happens that before you start the game, you can choose the level of fear. If you choose the most terrible level, then the actor can grab you, take you somewhere or isolate you from each other.
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Re: Your Live Escape Game in Dusseldorf

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Diesen Escape Room habe ich nicht probiert, aber andere. Generell finde ich die Idee echt witzig.

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