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Verfasst: 30.08.2005, 12:13
von aykman
HAy bei mir war es eine mail aus england......... :twisted:

Thanks for your mail and i must say the car is quite new.
I want us to conclude this transaction ASAP since it is suppose to serve as a birthday present to my wife.

She will definitely love it when she sees it cause it is meant to be a surprise
As a result will be making full payment to secure the car since i would not want to loose it.I ask that you furnish me with the following details in other to make the payment as i would not want to miss this opportunity.
The information i require are as follows:

Full name.......
Zip code.......
phone number........

As soon as i have your information,my Boss (company manager) will issue a BANK DRAFT/CHEQUE in your name for EUR 13,000


The BANK DRAFT/CHEQUE will be made out in your name because i am entilted to some bonus from my company(FRINGE BENEFIT)and can only be payable in one cheque.

When the cheque clears and your account credited with the said amount.

All you have to do is to deduct the amount for the car which is EUR10,000 and send the balance to the shipping agent who will come for the pick up.
Please I hope i can trust you to send the balance to the shipping agent when you have it cash as i have not been involved in this kind of transaction.
Please read and make sure you understand everything.
I expect your urgent reply so that we could tie up this transaction.
mr Allen Farrod

DER hammer die mail habe ich über ebay bekommen . und als ich das geld cash haben wollte habe ich keine mail mehr bekommen. :lol:

Verfasst: 31.08.2005, 21:09
von Obinobi
hallo zusammen
hab grade den link hier zum forum bekomm und das ist sehr gut!
ich mein auto bei autoscaut angeboten hab. oder ich noch ;-)
da hat sich einer aus england gemeldet!
ab das auto für 670€ rein gestellt
er meinte für 600€ nehme ich es .
mein onkel bezahlt das auto....??
hier die mail:

James Kelly <>

Betreff: payment

Hi and how was your day!Thanks for your response to my mail, actually i really want to buy this car because mine just got beyond repair.really it very old and i needed another one because apart from the fact that i'm the the only child of my parents, i always drive my car to school because i love driving, i've been to use to it because its so nice when driving and i was told cars from Europe are great but i don't know how that is true.So after seeing my car like that,i decided getting another one but i don't have that much of money on me but i have an uncle who had promised to pay for me, but he says he would be making the payment by a Cheque on the amount concluded upon and the shipping cost because he also wants to ship some automobile engines but i think am ok with your price 600euros,so please if it ok by you then kindly foward to me your Full name,address and contact phone, so that i can give it to my uncle to procure and mail the cheque to you. And in respect of the shipment as
i've said above that there is no problem about it we would take care of it because my uncle has a shipping company that will do the shipping of the car from your residence. Please i would be grateful if you can accept my offer so that this car can be mine but please i would like you to assure me about this car because as i've said in my last mail that i'm in london, for that reason i wouldn't be able to come and take a look at the car,i will only count you by your words,please be honest with me. Bye

hammer wie abgezockt die leute sind!!

hier der neuste...

Verfasst: 22.09.2005, 15:32
von plex1
gut gibt es internet :wink:

I came across your ad on the web and am interested in your
Item which you listed for sale .
I would want to see the recent pics. Whats your bottom price?
So get back to me if still available and the condition.
Best regards,
John Barroong.

Ich bin John Barroong , der in London, Großbritannien gelegen ist; Ich kam über Ihre Anzeige auf dem Netz und dem morgens interessiert an Ihrem Einzelteil, das Sie für Verkauf verzeichneten. Ich würde den neuen pics sehen wollen. Was ist Ihr unterer Preis? Erhalten Sie so zurück zu mir, wenn noch vorhanden und die Bedingung.
Bester Respekt,
John Barroong.

Verfasst: 25.04.2006, 14:18
von kille
Die Betrüger sind heute bei mir aufgetaucht!
Bekam eine ähnliche eMail wie oben beschrieben.

Diesesmal hieß er jon Quest!

Danke für dieses Forum und diesen Beitrag!!!!

Verfasst: 16.03.2007, 13:51
von JohnnyB

Wurde auch fast von solchen leuten verarscht aber da ich am ende verdacht geschöpft hatte habe ich nach telefon nr. und adresse etc. von ihm gefragt welches ich nie bekommen habe! Naja scheck ist leider schon unterwegs und ich werde ihn abweisen wenn er kommt auf so einen scheiss lasse ich mich nicht ein!

Aber soll ich den scheck wirklich einfach zerstören oder zu post bringen und bitten zurück zum absender zu schicken?